Old School Promotions is a corporation formed in 2013 by veteran derby drivers Aaron Frink, Brian Frink, and Darrell Christensen


Aaron began his derby career in 1983, at the age of 18. As is the case with many derby drivers, he quickly developed a love for the sport; or maybe a better word would be "addiction". Aaron promoted two demolition derbies in the mid-90s himself because he wanted to see what it was like from the promoting side. Although both derbies were successful, his boys were getting old enough to drive and he decided he would rather be back in the driver seat racing along side them. His oldest son, Brian, began racing in 1998, at age 14, and the other boys, Brad and Dave, began shortly after. Darrell Christensen (our head inspector) began derbies in 1999, and became a close family friend throughout the years.


After countless victories, top 5 finishes, maddog awards, torn up cars and parts and plenty of good times, Aaron hung up his helmet in 2007, Brian in 2008, and Brad and Dave in 2009. This was due to the drastic changes in expense, build time requirements, low car counts and low payouts; not to mention the screw-overs that became all to common to receive from certain promoters. These conditions made it no longer justifiable to continue racing.


Sadly, we have seen hundreds of other drivers quit racing for the same reasons, so much so, that we are seeing the sport die; which is exactly why we want to bring it back to life, revive it into what it used to be, and also, make it new. A local show or County Fair in our area is lucky to get 15-20 cars! We have been listening to derby fans and retired and active drivers. The fans want to watch a show and be entertained like they used to be. Cars skied in the front, headers glowing red, back bumpers in the back dash, smoke rolling...you know, demolition! The drivers want to be able to compete with a good chance of winning, without putting a 2nd mortgage on the house, and without having to put so much time in a build, that they end up divorced!

Old School Promotions has set out to hopefully make this all possible by:

  1. FORMING A NEW SET OF RULES that allow no "protectors" of any kind, no frame or body seam welding (other than doors for safety), and other similar rules to allow the cars to be built to a competitive status in less time, with less money;
  2. ENFORCING THE RULES the way all demolition derbies should, to ensure our drivers are racing on an even playing field like they deserve;
  3. CHOOSING THE RIGHT TRACK: As all veteran drivers know, the track makes all the difference in the quality of the race;
  4. A GOOD OFFICIATING TEAM: Our team will consist of honest, level headed, veteran derby drivers, that have all been in the driver seat before. All of the men and women involved will be family and/or close friends, who will all be involved simply for the love of demolition derby. Fairness, honesty and respect, for all of our participants will be top priority. There will be no patronizing or favoritism. We believe that every driver deserves a "fair shake". We know that is hard to come by at most shows, but we want our show to have that quality;
  5. RAISE THE BAR: To help ensure a good car count and make it worth your while, we intend to increase the amount of prize money at our shows. We hope this will entice the competitive drivers out there to participate, and maybe draw the veterans out of retirement. Our first show is guaranteed to payout $3000 to the winner of the "Old School" class. (Three times the average payout in our area).

We know actions speak louder than words, so we ask that you either attend or participate in our shows, so that we can prove that we mean what we say!